Gift wrap service

We wrap your gift in the wrapping paper of your choice. You can choose between the following wrapping papers: Graphic, Melusina, Emaischen, Botany.

The gift will be wrapped as shown in the pictures, without ribbon or bow, to let the wrapping paper speak for itself.

Please note that the item “gift wrap service” applies only to one item purchased in the shop. If you have several items that you would like to be wrapped as a gift, please adjust the quantity of the item “gift wrap service” accordingly.


This is how it works :

1. Choose your item(s) and put it in the cart

2. Go to the item “gift wrap service”, choose your wrapping paper design and the quantity of items you want to be wrapped and put it in the cart

3. Please leave a note in the checkout section in case you :
a. choose different designs of wrapping papers for your gifts. Please specify which wrapping paper you want for which gift.

b. purchase different items, but only want one item to be wrapped as a gift. Please specify which item you want to be wrapped.

4. Proceed with your order

5. Your gift will be wrapped and shipped to the address of your choice. The package won’t contain any price tags or delivery form when the delivery address is different from the billing address. In this case the delivery form will be sent to you via email.

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Additional information

Gift wrap options:

Graphic/Graphique, Melusina, Emaischen, Botany/Botanik